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Not sure if Mountain Biking is for you? 

Come and try it out just for fun!   


Schedule your free "Try It Out" practice session to experience it for yourself


 This is a great opportunity for young beginners and any student new to mountain biking to give it a try. 

What is a “Try It Out” practice session?

A “Try It Out” practice session is where we allow girls & boys in 6-12th grades to attend one regular practice session with the team for a flexible amount of time. The TIO is free and we allow each student one TIO practice session per season. We do this because we know a lot of kids and parents may not fully understand what our mountain bike team is all about and this is a great opportunity to introduce kids to mountain biking and let them experience it for themselves. We try to make team practices fun for all students. We do not perform bike stunts, downhill races or extreme riding. We practice cross country mountain bike training which will allow the student-athlete to ride the trails safely and with confidence.  This is a great experience for all kids from all skill levels. 

                                                       Come out an just try it once!  Bring a friend and try it together!


What to expect the day of your TIO practice session

For the TIO session, you will arrive at your scheduled location on the day and time that was previously arranged with us. You will meet your designated TIO team coach who will make sure you have all the necessary equipment and items with you to participate and go over any questions you may have. Young kids in 6th & 7th grades will have a dedicated coach with them to help guide them through the practice session. Students new to mountain biking will have a modified practice session that will be easy and suited for beginners.


During a typical practice session we start with warm ups and basic skills training and then head out on the trails for some cross country trail riding. TIO students will have their designated coach with them.  All our coaches are NICA certified mountain bike coaches and have passed background checks. Young and beginner students will ride on trails that are easy and suited to their abilities.   


The amount of time a student spends with us during their TIO session is flexible. This typically runs about an hour and can go as long as 3 hours. The time you spend with us is completely up to the TIO student.  When they want to end the session they just let their designated coach know and they will accompany them back to their parents.  We recommend parents with 6th and 7th grade kids stay in the parking lot or nearby for the duration of the session.  Young kids feel more comfortable when they know their parents are close by watching and cheering them on.  


When can I schedule a TIO practice session for my kid?

TIO sessions are available on most Saturdays starting at 9:30am. Practices are usually held at Walnut Mountain in Liberty, NY.  You will need to contact us to arrange a day to attend the session. (Depending on the weather and other factors; schedules and locations may change). 


What items/equipment do I need to participate in a TIO session?

We require all students to have mandatory equipment and items with them to participate. If you are having trouble obtaining these items please let us know as we may have loaner items available for you to use for that day.  Contact us for a list of equipment and items you will need or click here to see it in the FAQ section. 

 What’s the next step?

Contact us and let us know you are interested in the “Try It Out” practice session. We will answer any questions you may have and when you’re ready we can schedule a day for your athlete’s session.

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